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The 5 Best Saturday Morning Routines For a Happy Productive Weekend

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, then it comes and goes and Monday comes along way too fast. Do you ever look back on the weekend, and think about the piles of laundry, the decluttering, the phone calls and errands that you just did not have time to finish? That can make your week start out all wrong.

Below are 5 habits that can leave you feeling satisfied with your weekend and excited to talk about all that you accoplished.

1. Tackle Your Piles of Laundry or Dishes. As soon as I wake up, I grab that laundry basket, run it downstairs, and throw it the the machine. If I can get a load in before everyone wakes up, I feel so energized and ready to take on the othe piles that need organization. Hearing the sound of the washer going, and standing in the kitchen to wash dishes, gives me a big sense of accomplishment. I feel like the world's best mom and the wife of the year. Someone should give me an award. I'm just saying.

2. Make a List and Write it Down. Keeping a physical list and being able to check it off helps you visually and mentally remove things from your plate. I make a list of things that can be completed in the weekend. Sometimes when there is a lot going on, I also include a list of events we need to attend or errands we need to run. Keeping the list in a central location helps the whole family to keep in mind what needs to be done.

3. Take a Shower and Get Yourself Ready. This is by far my favorite daily hack. I work at home and sometimes I can be so busy that you skip the shower and jump into work. That leaves me unprepared for the times when I have to run an errand. Get up early, shower and get on your house clothes. If you need to clean, put on your cleaning gear, or if you have to run errands, put on your casual clothes.

4. Do the Hardest Things First. Things are fun when they are easy. Work on the hardest items that you have on your list right away in the morning when your mind is fresh. Once the hard things are finished, the easier things seem to just disappear quickly, and there is more time for fun on the weekend.

5. Take a 30-60 Minute Nap. Once you finish a few tasks or errands, if needed, come back to your room and jump into your bed basking in the comfort and aroma of freshly washed sheets. My body melts into my bed and I finally rest. This gives me the boost to finish out the other items on my list.

These 5 easy to do Saturday morning routines will keep you energized through the weekend.

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