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Send a Card to A Friend Day

No friendship is an accident. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Don't let social distancing keep you emotionally distant. Send a card to someone, or many people, reminding them that you love and care for them.

Our new line of #africanamericanwomangreetingcards would be the perfect surprise for someone close to your heart.

Get yours today at

Find the perfect cards to make your special day extra special. Browse our exclusive selection on greeting cards that give empowerment to women. Make your friends and family feel comforted & uplifted with a card from Silhouette Africana. Send smiles and joy by sending that special woman in your life a card that speaks to her heart. Looking for the perfect greeting card? Greeting cards are a great way to stay in touch with your loved one. Send a card to a friend of family member today!

Looking for cards that look like you? These cards feature positive images of Black women. Empower her my sending her an uplifting and motivating card. Brighten someone's day with this extra special unique greeting card for special occasions. Show your loved one how much you care with these beautifully created greeting cards featuring Black art.

Cards are made on premium, deluxe paper.

Package includes a 10-pack of greeting cards

Width 10 inches by 5 inches

Envelopes included

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