Self Care Ideas - 10 Tips for Self Care Sunday During Quarantine

Let's face it, no one can run from it, we all are in this pandemic and are stuck in the house for the most part. Now I know there are some fabulous, super-people who have tons of self care quotes posted on their vision board and have implemented all their self cae ideas. These are hardcore selfies that know the value that they possess, and they also know that self care is for everyone.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum and find people that have not (plucked) tweezed their brows or removed any body hair that they would have normally. Those are the new beauty making, unibrow flaunting, woman-stache wearing people that braid the hair on their legs. They may do other things for self-care, but just not beauty-related.

Somewhere in the middle lies someone who believes in self-care, know the value of it, but may not have time to do it regularly. Those are the people that can remind others to take care of themselves, but they have not taken out the time to do it. They look for self care gifts, or self care inspiration so that they can be motivated to take the time out for themselves. Each person can choose for themselves what self care means to them.

Self care can go by the wayside when you are stuck at home. The days and weeks roll by and sometimes you can tell the difference between, Sunday and Friday, or if February, March, or April even happened last year. I feel like I have been in quarantine for 5 years and I am still trying to find the time to pluck my eyebrows.

What I have learned is that this pandemic has given us a chance to slow down and spend more time at home. It is up to us to make it worthwhile and meaningful. Here are 10 Self Care Ideas for continuing your self care routine during a pandemic.

  1. TIP 1: Respect Yourself. Respect yourself enough to...just do it. Just do the self care regularly (daily, weekly, or monthly). The first step in success is how you feel about yourself. If you care enough about someone else to sacrifice and care for their needs, then you need to respect yourself, take a break, and take care of your self. Food for thought: An empty gas tanker can't fill up others, until it replenishes itself. Fill up your self tank with care.

2. TIP 2: Enjoy the Little Things. Every little bit of self care counts as a deposit and investment in your emotional bank account. Your health is wealth, and your happiness is priceless. Don't feel like you have to spend a whole day on a self-care routine. (Unless, you are a woman with two daughters and the three of you have natural hair) You will have to designate a WHOLE DAY or WEEKEND to your wash day. Girl, high five, I feel you. I am there. OTHER than wash days for naturalistas like me and the girls, take time to do small things for your self care that will enhance your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Do not over analyze things or try to plan the perfect self care routine. Find something small that you can accomplish and make yourself feel good.

3. TIP 3: Choose A Day for Self Care. We are all busy, extremely busy. As a matter of fact, I feel like I am busier now than I was before the pandemic. Of course, that could be because the family is home and the kids like to bring all their toys, snacks, juices, crayons, markers, blankets, pillows, combs, dolls, trucks, coloring get the gist...right to the floor that was newly picked up. Cleaning is no longer considered therapeutic to me. I like to clean, but I also would like people to just stop making a mess. But I digress. Either do a portion of your self care daily, or pick a day of the week where you can spend a little more time on your self care. Once you plan it, stick to it. When it becomes a habit, you will notice positive changes in your overall well-being. I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist, but I am speaking from experience. My mood improves when I am wholly taking care of myself. Others around me also benefit from me taking care of myself. Find your time and make it a top priority. Sis, if you must eat food and drink water, you also must do something to nourish your soul.

4. TIP 4: Make Your Self Care Choice Fabulous. Whatever you decide to do for your self care...MAKE.IT.FABULOUS. I am clapping after each word as I tell you this. MAKE (CLAP) IT (CLAP) FABULOUS (CLAP). Sis, listen, we don't have time to waste, so if we have gotten to the point of choosing the day that works for us, make that self-care so fabulous, that you will block your calendar to make sure that you make the next appointment for self care. Let me give you an example. A bath is a routine that some ladies use for their self care. Bonus: Baths are good for women according to my chiropractor and OBGYN. Your bath does not have to be ordinary. You can add herbs and natural oils (be careful with oils in the tub) to make your bath soothing and relaxing. The herbs will give you a dose of aroma therapy. To take it to the next level, turn off the lights and add candles around your bathroom. (Be careful with candles and don't leave them unattended.) The ambiance will make you feel like you are in a spa getaway, party of one. Pamper me time! During your relaxing bath soak, you can also add some soothing music, or turn on nature sounds. (Bonus tip: #YouTube has multiple videos for nature sounds. Try the #YoutTUBE video: Epic thunderstorm during your next bath time routine. You will not be disappointed. You will also not want to come up out of that bathroom. At least I don't, let me have my peace and tranquility for at least 30