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My Treasure is My Tranquility

Mondays for me are inspirational and exciting. It is the start of a brand new week where I can start over and refresh or update my goals. When I wake up on Monday mornings my mind races thinking of all the things that need to happen for the week. Of course, I would rather be in bed, because the weekend was too short to fit in my needed sleep, and time with family.

Monday nights are the times I treasure most. The kids are in the bed and I can sit and think quietly. Sometimes when we are sitting quietly, our minds start thinking of all of our past mistakes, grudges that we may be holding, or negative experiences that we have faced.

My Monday night quiet time, inspired me to create this 90-day journal to help work my way to tranquility. Moving on to Tranquility, is a journey to letting go of what is holding you down and robbing you of peace. There are pages that help you to remember what you are grateful for, and also a worksheet to help you plan out how you can make peace. Holding on to grudges is detrimental to our health. It cause us mental and emotional distress, and makes us have heart and lung problems. Who needs that? I certainly do not and neither do you. Let it go!

Why not make it a goal to make peace with one person every month. This journal will help you to meet that goal within 90 days. Making peace is not easy, but the journey is worth it. When you have started making peace you will see that eventually, peace will be pursuing you. When peace is found, my treasure is my tranquility.

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