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Make we chop Ooo!

If you are African, know an African, or have seen one on tv, then you have heard the word fufu. That word alone elicits your taste buds to start watering thinking of dipping fufu in spicy, flavorful soup with assorted meats. African babies eat fufu around 4 months, imagine how their taste buds jump! We all know that when you visit an African home, you can't leave until you have eaten, or agreed to take home a plate. That feeling inspired the idea behind this design. Once you eat fufu and soup, you will be hooked. Lounging around on the weekends or going out for a vacation, or just having a fun time, this funny African meme top can instantly crack your friends up into endless laughter. Make great memories and brighten up everyone’s day on the go. These hilarious memes bring classic African culture to life and are designed to bring on a jovial mood. Send out positive vibes with our great conversation starters, memes that can actually talk to the onlookers! Get yours at

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