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It's a Black-Tie Affair

It's a black-tie affair.

Start your week off right. When planning for a special event like a wedding or formal gala, find a unique tie that fits the venue. Our client was the father of the groom and proudly wore this red ankara print bowtie, handkerchief and matching cufflink set to honor the occasion.

Makes a great gift for weddings, anniversary parties, or any event that requires formal attire. Choose from different color designs. This is also customizable to a father and son set.

Available now at Silhouette Africana:


*Men's Handkerchief


*Ready-Made Bowtie (no tying needed)

*Velcro Closure (Partially adjustable)

*Can be customized for boys also upon request

*Men's Bowtie Width : about 5-6 inches

*Neck sizes 14-20 for Men

*Kids, Teenage neck sizes available upon request



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