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How to Keep Your Fabrics Looking Fabulous and Minimize Fading and Visible Wear

Have you ever gone to a fabric store and found a fabulous print, only to look at the back and see that the print is only on one side?

If you are sewing a pillow or something that will not be worn, it may not be important to have the print on both sides of the fabric.

When you are sewing garments, or wearable art pieces, as we like to call them, it is extremely important to get prints that have high color quality. This color helps to keep the original look of the fabric and delays fading.

Think of wearing, washing, drying (if you dry your fabrics), it affects the color of the fabric. We do not recommend putting wax prints in the dryer because heat can cause the garments to wear out faster.

Handwashing is best because you can control the friction in the garment, and it helps to keep the finished piece neat and in order. We do not recommend washing the garments in the machine even on gently because you can't control the water, the machine movement, or the effects of the garment sitting in detergent. Have we made our point?

Suggestion: Hand wash all garments in lukewarm water or cold.

Tip: Add salt to the water if to prevent color bleeding.

Reminder: Do not dry, and do not leave the fabrics in the sun, which can also affect the fabric color.

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