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How to Create and Maintain a Weekend Self Care Routine

We all have so many things to do, so little time to do them. A true dilemma: Do I sleep in because it is the weekend, and I am off? Do I get up early, shower, and get started on chores and errands before everyone wakes up Or, do I get up and eat breakfast before anything else?

I have about 20 things that I want to do at any given time. How do I choose which one to do? I try to prioritize what tasks are most important. Most times I follow through, but there are times when I have all the plans in the world, but my body is telling me to sleep so I do.

How can a busy woman, mom, and wife fit in quality self-care in a short period of time? We will give tips on how to create and stick to a weekend self-care routine.

Create a Routine

Creating a routine takes time to become a habit, but when you stick to it, you will be successful. It may be easier to incorporate self-care into the weekend because many people do not have to work and find that they have more time on their hands. Think about you weekend plans and find a slot of time that you can consistently carve out for your self-care regimen. Many people have a hair care regimen or a nail care regimen. If you do not have a long block of time to devote yourself to self-care, try to block out 15 or 20-minute increments where you can check of an item on the self-care checklist. When you see your progress, it will motivate you to continue going. What are some items to include in a self-care plan?

How to Practice Your Self Care Plan Checklist on a Busy Weekend

  1. Sleep

  2. Stretch

  3. Hydrate

  4. Exercise

  5. Fuel Your Brain

  6. Skin Care

  7. Hair Care

  8. Learn

  9. Reflect

  10. Treat Yourself

Get More Sleep - Go to Bed Earlier

Sleep is very important. Many of us do not get enough sleep and looks for ways to improve our sleep. We spend time researching the effects of lack of sleep only to give up sleeping time to look up how to sleep. Getting more sleep helps many functions. In another blog we talked about Leveling Up Your Sleep Self-Care Routine - My 5 Keys to Getting Better Quality Sleep Daily. One of the best ways to get more sleep is to go to bed earlier. Include going to be early as one of the top things on your self-care plan checklist.

Stretch Your Body

Have you wondered why cats stretch so much? We could learn a lot from cats. Many cats seem chill and mellow (except for the one time a friend of mine encountered an attack cat at someone's house...long story but our clue should have been the "BEWARE of Cat" sign, I digress). Do you ever watch a cat after a long cat nap? The cat gets up to walk and seems to stretch in between every movement. I think about how that would feel on our body. I love to stretch a few times in bed before I get out of it and the stretches feel so great. If I extended those stretches out to when I took my first step, I would likely feel great. Cats teach us to sleep a lot (cat naps) and to stretch more. Include stretching often in your day (make sure your muscles are warmed up).

Hydrate by Drinking More Water

You have heard and read the benefits of drinking more water. One of them is that it hydrates the cells and provides more lubrication in the body. You can research how much water do you really need because opinions vary on this. Some feel that everyone should drink a gallon of water a day, and others feel that 64 oz of water is sufficient for the average healthy adult. Include adding an extra glass or two of water daily.


Include at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day of the week. You can workout at home or workout at a gym near you. If you do not have a gym membership you can easily get your heart pumping with these easy exercises: playing with your children, cleaning your house, going for a walk, going to the park with your kids, or jogging.

Fuel Your Brain

Just like a car needs gas or fuel to run, your body also needs fuel to run properly. Do not skip healthy body nourishing meals. Experts say there are benefits to intermittent fasting, but there should be a period when you are not fasting that you can use to fuel your brain with healthy food choices. Try adding a big bowl of salad greens to each meal, and reducing the amount of refined sugars and alcohol that you consume.

Skin and Hair Care

Incorporating a skin care or hair care regimen into your self-care plan may require additional planning or thought. Skin care may easily be added to your bathroom routine because you can put on high-quality moisturizers, oils, or creams on your skin at the same time you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower or bath.

Figuring out your haircare regimen can be a little tough because those with locs like mine, may find it more time consuming to complete a hair care regimen each day because there is a layering process to seal in moisture. You can break up your hair care into smaller tasks that you can easily add to other tasks that are being done. Think moisturizing your hair before bed and sleeping with a silk or satin scarf to protect your hair. You can deep condition your hair while you are cleaning the house or taking a nap.


I believe that learning is cradle to grave. As long as you are not in a grave, you are learning something. Take out time from your busy schedule to learn something meaningful. Something that can benefit yourself and others. Try learning a new skill.


Take time to reflect. Think about how you are doing and what areas you would like to grow or improve in. Use the reflection to think about positive things or things that make you happy. This is a great time to practice gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude can make you focus more on good things and can give your mind a rest. If you wake up early on the weekends, start your day thinking about the good that has happened to you, the person that you are most grateful for, and why you are grateful to be alive.

Treat Yourself

There are many ways to treat yourself. Treats do not only come in the form of food. A treat could be a spa day, a new headwrap or outfit with African prints, or giving yourself a mani/pedi with your new favorite nail polish. Try to block out time to treat yourself at least once per month so that you can make sure the time is special and it is only for you.

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