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Get Your Body Ready for Summer Part 2 - What is the Best Workout to Lose Weight?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Searching the internet, you can find thousands of opinions on what is the best way to lose weight. There are many diets, workout plans, gym memberships, and overall wellness program to choose from. I have done both the gym membership and at home workouts and both are great. I have put my gym membership on hold as of now, but when I went, I loved to give myself enough time to sit in the sauna for at least 20 minutes. After working out, then sweating out the toxins, I would shower with my favorite body wash, and then wear clean clothes. I would always feel a sense of accomplishment and I would feel on top of the world.

How can you choose the best workout for your body? I have tried many workouts and will list my all-time favorites. Each of us have our own preferences when it comes to how we move our body, and not all workouts are created equal.

You may wonder where you can get cheap workout equipment, or if you can just do bodyweight exercises to lose fat. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you have your doctor's approval before starting any workout or diet plan.

Here are my top 7 all-time favorite ideas for working out at home:

  1. Dancing - This gets your heart pumping and can lift your mood. You could dance so long that you do not even realize how much time has passed. I have achieved over 10,000 steps by dancing during a wedding reception. So, get on those comfy shoes, or go barefoot, if at home and dance your heart out. Check your pedometer to see how many steps you achieved while you had fun.

  2. Jump Rope – Jump roping is not just for children. It is invigorating to me. I feel all my stress melt away as I am jumping. Jump rope uses big muscles in the body which may help to build more muscle and burn more fat. My goal each time I decide to jump rope is to keep going until I reach 500. I also put on some African music to motivate me while jumping. Take it slow because jumping can be hard on those with knee problems or can cause injury if the legs improperly twist when landing.

  3. Hula Hoop - I never knew how to hula hoop when I was a child, but when I found out there were people that used hooping for fitness, I because addicted. I wanted to purchase my own hula hoop, but I only found flimsy hoops, or hoops that I had to put together. Now I make my own. My weighted hula hoop is easy to keep up and it gives me a good workout. My midsection sweats which make me believe that fat is melting away.

  4. Foam Rolling - This is used for my stretching part of my routine because I just cannot seem to stretch properly after exercising. So, I stretch, then I use foam rolling to relax my muscles. It feels so good and it helps me to sleep better.

  5. Pilates or Blogilates - I have always been interested in the Pilates concept of using your body weight to strengthen your muscles and core. Some of the Pilates instructors that I have gone to were so intense, and I did not have fun. I felt the burn and I felt fit after a few workouts, but I still needed a spark from the instructor. Then I came across Blogilates ( founder, Casey Ho. I was hooked. She has high energy and she just seems like a regular person who you are working out with in her living room. She connects with you and encourages your to do your best, and not to give up. I feel like I am stealing because she has tons of her videos on her YouTube channel, and they are awesome! Even my kids love to wake up and do her morning stretches.

  6. Pinterest workouts - I love to scour Pinterest for my ideas. They have a ton of workouts that you can try. One of my favorite ones only calls for free weights (you could also use soup cans). That workout uses compound body movements (meaning it uses multiple muscle groups at the same time). I was the most bang for my buck in the least amount of time. I can finish that Pinterest workout in about 30 minutes, and I feel like I worked out an hour.

  7. Walking videos - Walk away the Pounds is one of my all-time favorite workout videos. It has easy to do moves, mainly just walking, and there are low-impact options. There are multiple videos for Walk away the Pounds, and my favorite one is 4 Fast Miles, which incorporates a light jog into it to get you to 4 miles in about 45 minutes. The video also has a lower impact option as some of the people stick to lower impact moves.

  8. BONUS WORKOUT IDEA: Chasing your toddler - It is so cute when our little people take their first step. It's less cute when they start running away from you. If you're a mommy with a toddler, you definitely get a gold star (and double with twins). All of the steps that you get chasing your toddler all day definitely count for fitness. You also may not realize how tired you are in the moment you are chasing them around the house. To let the kids burn off their energy, take them to the park or outside and chase them around. They will love it, you will get lots of exercise, and you will love it when they are so exhausted that they are begging to go to bed. I count all of these as wins.

So, if you are looking for keys to help you lose weight, the best fitness programs, or if you are looking for cheap workout equipment, consider working out at home. Many places have also started doing fitness classes virtually, which lets you enjoy socially distanced group fitness classes from the comforts of your own home. Check the internet to find out what are the most popular group fitness classes and what fitness classes are available near you.

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