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Be Fearless, and Soar to New Heights

At the end of every year, I look back at the year to reflect on my progress, and look ahead to set goals in line with my purpose. It is always exciting for me to set new goals. I get energized seeing my plans and planners out with to-do lists, project plans, ideas, and dreams.

As I started to think of something to level-set this new year 2021, I looked for a quote that spoke to me. It had to be something that applied to multiple aspects of my life. I did a search on @Pinterest and I looked for quotes on new beginnings. I felt like 2021 is a new beginning for me because I have multiple goals that I will be working at this year. I know what I want to accomplish this year and I made sure that my list was attainable and in-line with my values.

Thinking of this quote at first brought my mind to my business, SIlhouette Africana. I thought about the quote and even the movie it came from. In the movie, the young woman, Fiona, realized her potential and then she soared even when all odds were against her.

It takes time to start a new business and try to to establish it so that it works for you (as in more passive income vs active income). Eventually, things fall into place and you realize that you may have been stuck in a place that you were used to. For example, you may have been content or complacent with standing still and not moving forward with your goals. Or, you could have been too afraid to hone in on your business skills. If you are a woman, or of color, those fears and insecurities can compund until eventually, you sell yourself short on all levels.

This is my business quote of 2021 to remind myself that I should continue to move forward with my goals and focus. This quote to me also speaks to other aspects of life where we want to make changes. Don't stand still and just get used to what you are doing without progress, continue to move forward and set new goals, smash them, then repeat.

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