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5 Steps to Planning Your Outfit with African Print Accessories

Many people wonder how to wear African prints. If you are looking for ways to incorporate African Prints into your wardrobe, then this post is for you. Girl, I know how hard you work, so it is important for you to make sure that you always rock your clothes like the queen that you are. I am going to give you 5 tips to easily add African print accessories to your wardrobe.

STEP 1: Get your African Print Accessories

For real, for real, you need to start with the African print accessory and then build your outfit around it. The colors in vibrant African prints will make any outfit pop. Since these are statement pieces that will get you a lot of compliments, you'll want to use them to build your outfit. You can try one of our pre-tied headwraps and matching earrings.

STEP 2: Find a Matching Top

The next step is to find a matching top. You can go for a solid color, or a top with stripes or polka dots. Remember that if you have a top with stripes or polka dots, ensure that the main color of the top matches your accessories. If you stick with a solid color for the top, make sure that the shirt has a unique feature that plays well with your accessories. I like tops that have structure to them and that flatter your body shape.

STEP 3: Find the Pants

Girl, look, you can make this easy on yourself. If the occasion calls for it, go with a nice pair of jeans. That way you can be comfortable and cute. We like to call it comfy-cute. You will look cute and comfortable, but still, look like you put effort into your outfit. Jeans are a great option because you have different washes and colors that will make the style look different.

STEP 4: Pick Your Shoes

Ok now, it is time to pick out the shoes for this outfit. Black shoes always work, and brown shoes work most of the time. If you are like me, you would try to find a way to match your shoes with your accessories. Making my own shoes is on my bucket list. Once I learn that I will always have shoes to match everything. The shoes can be heels or flats, depending on your preference. Anyone that knows me knows that my first choice is high heels. I used to own a pair of straight-leg sweatpants that were charcoal gray with rose gold on them. I would wear those sweatpants with heels, even if I was wearing a sweatshirt. It just looked cute, not too dressy but not too comfy. It was comfy-cute.

STEP 5: Decide If Another Accessory is Needed

Once you have picked out your shoes, the next step is to check to see if you can add anything else to pull the outfit together. If you are going with headwraps and matching earrings, then I suggest a belt, a colorful purse, or a scarf. I personally love the look of belts, especially leather or faux leather belts with a unique design. Remember we are trying to stand out, so pick something that is uniquely you. Once you have found the final piece to compliment your outfit, you are done! Congratulations, you have successfully added African print accessories to your wardrobe. Now stand up and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Let us know how you did. Follow us on Instagram at: and tag us in your photo of how you styled your African print accessories.

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