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10 Self-Care Hacks for Busy Moms - Taking Out Time for Yourself When Time is Limited

Self care for moms is essential, but where will you find the time? It is difficult especially when you have children because everyone thinks mommy time is 24/7. We would love to be with our kids and cuddle with them and do things for them 24/7, but we need to be here and be in our right mind to do that. And frankly my dear, I am NOT in my right mind when I am running around, not eating right, not sleeping, and still trying to chase twins (in two different directions), all while working full-time. Sounds insane right?

You probably are in a similar situation and finding the time to practice self-care can be challenging, but the effort is worth it. Our families will thank us for taking care of ourselves, whether we believe it or not. Self-care benefits you and those around you, why, because you will feel better and you will be better. Let get started on your wellness journey.

Since you have little time, what are some hacks that you can do to maximize your time and still prioritize taking care of yourself? Our top 10 items are below.

  1. Eat a Healthy Meal

The hack: Batch cook, meal prep, and cook semi-homemade to be prepared to nourish your body.

Eating healthy gives you vitamins and vital nutrients that helps your entire body to function. Healthy food fuels all of your cells and help your brain perform at optimum levels. As mommies, our brains can get so cluttered and bogged down trying to keep everything straight. Eat healthy so that you can have the energy to chase your kid or kids around. No time to prepare healthy meals? Try these 3 easy tips.

3 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Tight Schedule:

  • Use one day on the weekend to meal prep. Get the kids and the rest of the family involved. That will help everyone develop a desire for healthy foods. Healthy dinner is served. You're welcome!

  • Prepare multiple meals at one time (batch cook). How many possible meals can you make with grilled chicken? 1. Tacos 2. Enchiladas 3. Pasta with Roasted Vegetables sauteed in olive oil. 4. Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice 5. Chicken Wraps Lettuce Wraps 6. Homeade Chicken and Vegetable Soup 7. Grilled chicken on Salad Greens (A week is done.) You’re welcome.

  • Make it semi-homemade. Think of buying one large rotisserie chicken that can be used for multiple meals. You’re welcome.

Get your kids involved so that they will develop healthy eating also.

2. Wake Up Earlier

The hack: Set your alarm to get up 30 minutes before the rest of the house and use that time to try one of these self-care hacks for busy mothers.

In order to have quiet time, you may need to wake up before the rest of the family. Yes it is a sacrifice, but the benefits of having a clear mind, outweigh the sacrifice. You can use that time to read something, take a shower, or plan your day (don't forget to include your self-care plan).

3. Take a 20 Minute Shower

Hack: If you can get up 20 minutes earlier, you can use that to have a wonderful shower to start the day. You could also make it rejuvenating by using scented bodywash and music.

This is one of my favorite hacks. Showering for 20 minutes does something to the senses. The sound of the water and the refreshing smell of the shower and my bodywash takes me to another world. When I used to go to the gym, I had to schedule enough time to get in my workout, stretch, sit in the sauna for 20 minutes, and shower with my favorite refreshing bodywash. Try a 20-minutes shower to get a mini spa getway in your own home.

4. Listen to a Great Song

The hack: Put on your headphones, turn on your favorite song, and do activities that you would rather skip.

Music has the ability to change your whole mood. If your day is going rough, put on your favorite tune and dance. You will start to feel better. Better yet instead of chasing the kids around the house, turn on your music player and start dancing and watch them join you for the dance party. Here's another hack built in, hack # 1 is that you will also be getting in exercise, and hack #2 is that you will tire the kids out and they will sleep earlier, which will lead to you being able to go to sleep earlier. Cha-ching! You're welcome. Also boring chores suddenly become fun when they are being done to your favorite songs.

5. Color or Read a Good Book

The hack: Grab a book and get into a cozy spot and read for a little while, or get an audio version of your favorite book to listen to through out the day.

Adding color to a white piece of paper does something to your mood. Many people use coloring as a means to relieve stress and help their mind to relax. Whether or not that is Science-based to me is not important. It is a healthy way to de-stress, so it is worth trying out. If coloring works for you, pick up a coloring book and get started. Make sure to hid your crayons if you have kids. You can also color with the kids for a quiet unifying activity together.

Reading a good book can help you escape the world that you are in and get lost in the plot of the book. Reading can be calming and relaxing. If you do not have time to pick up a book, sit down, and read it, get an audio book and have the book read to you. Now that's pampering!

5. Exercise for 20 minutes

The hack: Take out 10 minutes in your day (twice) and get your body moving.

If you have the ok from your medical fcare professional, exercise for 20 minutes and watch yourself transform. Not only does exercise provide physical benefits, but it also helps clear the mind. If you can't take away twenty minutes, break it up into two 10-minute microbursts. If you are home all day, you could get outside and walk on your driveway or in your yard for 10 minutes. You could jumprope, do burpees, jog, walk, do stairs, or anything to get your heart racing. The sunlight also helps regulate the sleep cycle.

7. Laugh

The hack: Spend a day looking at everything and laughing, then think about how silly you look and laugh about that.

It is difficult to be stressed, angry, or annoyed if you are laughing. Try this out, the next time you get mad, try expressing your frustration while smiling as big as you can. Look at yourself in the mirror. You will laugh at your own self because your face is confused on what you want it to do and you will laugh. Think of the last time you had a good belly laugh, how did your body feel after that? Try to laugh more often. This can happen at anytime. You can laugh at everything that happens at the house, and your mood will likely be better. Try it if the kids are arguing and they come and tell you. Instead of getting annoyed, just start laughing, "BWAHAHAHAHAHA you're mad at your sister, bwahahahaha, because, bwahahahaha, wait, wait. bwahahahahahaha, I can't even get it out." Just imagine the surprise when they see a different mommy.

Keep smiling and always find something positive to laugh about.

8. Say No

The hack: Practice saying to to requests that you can delegate to someone else.

No, repeat after me, NO. Nah, uhn uh, Naw bro. Lots of ways to say no and it is ok to say no. Let's drop the guilt that you as a mom have to always say yes because that is unreasonable and it breeds entitlement in your family. When kids hear a healthy no, that is you setting boundaries which is healthy for you and them. It teaches them that there are limits. It is important that as busy moms we let our families know when we need their help, and we also show gratitude when they provide it.

One way that I teach my kids to help me is to be respectful of my time. I give them lots of hugs and tickles in the morning when they wake up, but when it is time for work, I say No. If they try to open the door when Mommy is working I tell them, "No Baby. Mama's working. I have to close the door and go with Daddy." If they ask me to get them something I tell them No, and redirect them to their father. No my youngest pretends to be me. One day she had a keyboard and was pretending to type on it. When her brother went to her, she said (or yelled in my opinion), "NO. Mommy's working. Close the DOOR!" Well yelling or not, they got the point and understand the boundaries all because I said No.

9. Go to Bed Earlier

The hack: Put the kids down to be early, or better yet, have the hubby put the kids to sleep and you go to your room and get your beauty rest.

What does it take for you to go to bed earlier at night? Even if you do not sleep, can you go to bed and lay on the bed to allow your self to unwind? it is important to unwind ater a busy day so that you mind can rest. I love to sleep ad I love to get up early. Seems like the two would not go hand-in-hand, but they do for me. I like the feeling of getting in my covers and feeling sleep overtake my body. Turn the lights out and pull the covers up and let my eyes droop into a dreamy state. If I keep talking like this, I will not finish this post because I will take a nap.

Try it, put the kids down to be early, or better yet, have the hubby put the kids to sleep and you go to your room and get your beauty rest. You're beautiful, so you need your rest. That's what I tell my spouse. HA! HA! Go to be 30 minutes early and watch the difference in the next day. It is wonderful.

10. Pamper Yourself

The hack: schedule your mani/pedi the same day that you have to run an errand. Get your errand done quickly, then go pamper yourself with your mani/pedi. Make sure you run your errand on your own, and dress in a cute outfit.

Now I believe this is the number 1 thing that overworked women and moms need to incorporate into their self-care routine. Make yourself a priority. Give yourself exclusive time. Get that mani pedi and stop dreaming about it. You will be happy you did, and so will the hubs, even if he doesn't say it.

Go do it for you! Do you realize sis, that you are overworked and underpaid? So pampering yourself, is collecting that raise that you deseve. I get my raise monthly and sometimes bi-weekly. I splurge on myself occassionally, and one splurge is coming up that will help me to prioritize my self-care.

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