10 Self-Care Hacks for Busy Moms - Taking Out Time for Yourself When Time is Limited

Self care for moms is essential, but where will you find the time? It is difficult especially when you have children because everyone thinks mommy time is 24/7. We would love to be with our kids and cuddle with them and do things for them 24/7, but we need to be here and be in our right mind to do that. And frankly my dear, I am NOT in my right mind when I am running around, not eating right, not sleeping, and still trying to chase twins (in two different directions), all while working full-time. Sounds insane right?

You probably are in a similar situation and finding the time to practice self-care can be challenging, but the effort is worth it. Our families will thank us for taking care of ourselves, whether we believe it or not. Self-care benefits you and those around you, why, because you will feel better and you will be better. Let get started on your wellness journey.

Since you have little time, what are some hacks that you can do to maximize your time and still prioritize taking care of yourself? Our top 10 items are below.

  1. Eat a Healthy Meal

The hack: Batch cook, meal prep, and cook semi-homemade to be prepared to nourish your body.

Eating healthy gives you vitamins and vital nutrients that helps your entire body to function. Healthy food fuels all of your cells and help your brain perform at optimum levels. As mommies, our brains can get so cluttered and bogged down trying to keep everything straight. Eat healthy so that you can have the energy to chase your kid or kids around. No time to prepare healthy meals? Try these 3 easy tips.

3 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Tight Schedule:

  • Use one day on the weekend to meal prep. Get the kids and the rest of the family involved. That will help everyone develop a desire for healthy foods. Healthy dinner is served. You're welcome!

  • Prepare multiple meals at one time (batch cook). How many possible meals can you make with grilled chicken? 1. Tacos 2. Enchiladas 3. Pasta with Roasted Vegetables sauteed in olive oil. 4. Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice 5. Chicken Wraps Lettuce Wraps 6. Homeade Chicken and Vegetable Soup 7. Grilled chicken on Salad Greens (A week is done.) You’re welcome.

  • Make it semi-homemade. Think of buying one large rotisserie chicken that can be used for multiple meals. You’re welcome.

Get your kids involved so that they will develop healthy eating also.

2. Wake Up Earlier

The hack: Set your alarm to get up 30 minutes before the rest of the house and use that time to try one of these self-care hacks for busy mothers.

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