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My name is Mina, owner of Silhouette Africana. I started this business because I have a love of fashion and vibrant colors. Simple styles can become fabulous, just by using African Wax Prints. Silhouette Africana provides you with African fashion statement pieces and accessories. Our products have structure and are flattering to different body shapes. I love that fashion allows you to use artistic expression to design a wardrobe that makes you unique. I want to share my love of African clothing with other queens.

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My Story

Greetings! I am Mina, owner of Silhouette Africana. I am inviting you to embrace couture Africana, whether you have African roots or not.


When I wasn't traveling to Nigeria to purchase tailor-made clothing, I used to search the internet and local stores for ready-made African clothes. Disappointingly, the only styles I found were either not my style, made as a one size fits all, or in color palettes that didn't inspire me. At times, I would find the perfect dress, but the price stopped me in my tracks.


I have always received compliments on my clothing or I've been asked where I bought them. So, I decided to marry my love of fashion and culture, and create a place where you can find African fashion statement pieces that will make heads turn.  

My goal in this business is to help you find or create outfits using African Wax prints that have all the right elements: style, print design, and price. I am excited to have you as my customer and look forward to seeing you in our statement pieces.


If you need help with finding your next African Print statement piece, send us an email or connect with us on Instagram.

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