Are you going to the gym and need a mask? Do you have an extra mask lying around in your car in case you forgot your mask at home? Staying at home and not going anywhere can get make us stir-crazy quickly. We all have to go out to get our necessities, or to get some exercise. If you have been afraid to go out because of not having a mask, don't worry, we have you covered with our vibrant 5 pack African Face Mask for Adults. These masks have a comfortable elastic piece that stays around the ears without pulling on the ears. These are comfortable, breathable and light on the face. These facemask coverings are great for everyday use. These masks allow you to express yourself, even though you cannot show your face. Use the mask covering over your regular mask for added protection. If you have kids, grab one for them. We mothers love twinning, so buy the Red and Gold, and get one for your daughter or son to match. This dad is matching his little girl. Go Daddy! Protection with a personalized touch.

- Reusable

- Washable

- 100% Cotton

- 2-Layer Non medical-grade

- Breathable

- Express your unique style.


Fabric choices will vary in each pack.

5 pack Face Covering - Adult

  • Wash before use. Wash in cold or warm water with mild detergent. Air dry and press with warm iron.