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Self-Care Planning for the Weekend - 3 Self-Care Ideas or Hacks that Anyone Can Do This Friday Night

After a long week of hard work, you look forward to Friday because the weekend is coming. How do you continue your self-care routine during the weekend? Here we share the tips that will energize you to start your weekend. These tips are easy to incorporate and there are only three, so busy women can easily add them into a packed schedule.

You are so busy and you feel like you are constantly on the run. You have no time to sit down, no time to relax, and defnitely no time to make your self-care a priority. Like you, I also have the same problem. I have found 3 easy tasks that I can quickly add to my self-care routine. These Friday night fun tips are simple and free. Everyone loves freebies.

Friday Night Self-Care Hack #1 - Dress Up Like You are Going Somewhere Later

Taking a soothing, rejuvenating shower can help you to melt and wash away all of the cares for the day. Then putting on a new clean pair of clothes can make you feel like you should be walking the runway or rolling out the red carpet. When trying to find the ideal outfit, think of an outfit that compliments your body type or body shape. Think of an outfit that make you feel happy and makes you feel beautiful. Boost your confidence by dressing up like you are going for a girls night or going on a date. It doesn't matter what your plans are, you can still dress up and look cute. Even if you are only taking your grocery list to store to buy food for dinner, do it in style and high fashion. Nothing in life has to be mediocre.

Friday Night Self-Care Hack #2 - Have a Spontaneous Date Night or a Planned Date Night

This does not require much planning, except to make sure that you do the Friday Night Self-Care Hack #1. If you are going to do your grocery shopping with your spouse. If you have taken the time to get all dressed up and looking fine, your hubby will want to show you off.

A note of caution: he may be staring and thinking how good you look but may not say it to you. Don't take offense, because that could ruin your date night chances and lead to a big argument that is unnecessary. You could simply ask him, "How do I look?" or "Which shoes should I wear with these jeans?" You won't even have to ask him to take you out, he may just start driving toward a restaurant without even saying anything.

If all the effort doesn't work, then just make your needs known to your spouse. A simple statement could be, "Where do you want to take me now that I am all dressed up?" That may prompt him to dress up also. A spontaneous date night can help to fulfill your emotional need for care and love. Planned date nights are great too, but sometimes plans fall through, so it is better to always be ready for adventure.

Friday Night Self-Care Hack #3 - Call Your Best Friend

Call your best friend, your bestie, your BFF, whatever you call her, give her a call. Your best friend can relate to you and understands everything that you say. Tell her about your week, and all the funny things that happened to you in the week. Talk about your goals and her goals and how you can support each other in your goals. Calling your best friend can have energize you to jump into the weekend. Chances are that if you are on the phone with your best friend, you will be laughing more, or will feel the care, concern, and love that they have for you. It is a mutual benefit that will help both of you to feel energized going into the weekend.

Try out these 3 Friday night self-care tips. They are easy and can be done every week. Have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

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