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How to Make Music Therapy a Part of Your Self-Care Routine

Music has been around for centuries and is used for many purposes. Wedding ceremonies, parties, and other celebrations use music to enhance your mood and help you enjoy the occasion. At wedding receptions, the bride and groom often carefully pick out a special song that represents what brought them together. They also will choose songs that will make their guests want to get up and dance. Music is also used to enhance the ambience when going shopping or waiting at the dentist. Music can help take your mind off your worries and help you relax. Music is widely used as a form of therapy.

What exactly is music therapy?

Music therapy in a general sense is using music to address a physical, emotional, or social need of an individual or a group. There are music therapy programs, music therapy schools, and many music therapy techniques which include, playing an instrument, singing, listening to melodies, and other activities that incorporate the use of music.

What are the benefits of music therapy?

There are many benefits to using music therapy. Music therapy can help relieve stress and anxiety. Music therapy can be therapeutic. There are studies showing that music therapy may even improve the quality of life with people that have dementia.

How can you use music therapy in your self-care routine?

You do not have to go to the top schools or enroll in a program to gain the benefits of music therapy. You can incorporate the principles of music therapy in your self-care routine to give yourself a dose of good music medicine.

  1. Listen to your favorite song and dance.

  2. Listen to soothing music or sounds before your go to bed to help yourself relax.

  3. When you are feeling overwhelmed, put in your favorite high energy song and sing your heart out.

  4. Add music to your workout routine and keep the workout enjoyable.

  5. Create a playlist for difficult activities (think of a playlist for stressful workdays, or a playlist for cleaning the house)

Try one or more of these tips to incorporate music into your self-care routine.

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