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5 Monday Motivation Tips for Conquering Your Monday Goals

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you." - unknown

Every Monday we have the followiing choices:

  1. Wake up early or sleep in.

  2. Plan ahead or wing it.

  3. Look ahead or be caught off guard.

  4. Work smarter or work harder.

  5. Stay focused or stay complacent.

The choices we make has a direct impact on our success in accomplishing our goals. If we take the easy way out, it will be harder to accomplish our goals.

I have 5 tips that I use to help me make the most out of Monday while still keeping my sanity. Use these tips if you need help in moving forward and accomplishing your goals.

  1. Wake up Early, Get Dressed, and Go to Work

Let's face it, being late just doesn't cut it. It paints a negative picture of you. Let's get started early and show up as the person we know we are. Even if you are working at home, wake up early, get dressed, and go to work. Dress up just like you are leaving the house. This helps your brain to register that now it is time for work mode. When I was seeing a personal trainer, she mentioned that our bodies are so efficient that when we are working out, eventually our bodies get used to the work and find a way to make it easier. That is why when exercizing, you musto change it up to make your body work harder if you want to build muscle or lose weight. But what about working? The truth is, we want our work to be easier but still be ultra productive. So, the more we get into the habit of waking up early, getting dressed, and going to work, we will be able to train our brain that Mondays are for hard work and dedication. Our brains will work with us and make it easier on us. If you want ideas for getting dressed up, check out our Zahra collection for some Queen-worthy clothing and accessories that will have you looking like a Boss on your videoconferences.

2. Plan Ahead.

I saw this quote that said, "Procrastination is like a credit card, it is all fun until you get the bill." - unkown. You can choose to wing it, but eventually it will catch up to you.

The bill of procrastinating can show up as missed deadlines at work which gives the impression that you are lazy or want to take the easy way out. Most people can see through someone winging it. My kids can't see through me winging it on motherhood (HA!), but they are about the only ones. LOL! Sometimes they do bust me out, like the time my 8-year-old said, "Mom, I have an idea. Instead of trying to remember all of the things we need on the day you are going to grocery, why don't you put a list on the fridge, and you can write things down when you think about them. That way, your list will be done by the time you go to grocery." What a concept! "Plan ahead Mom!" That is basically what my darling told me. She is absolutely right, when we look ahead to the things that are coming up, (i.e., a meeting, grocery shopping, an assignment due) we can determine how to work through it so it is done on time and properly. Look ahead at what needs to be accomplished and break it down into smaller tasks. Plan out when you will do each piece so that you just get it done. By the way, I did hire my 8-year-old, because she is awesome! :) When trying to plan for work or for that videoconference, you may realize that your videoconference falls on the same day as your deep conditioning day, or the day before a wash day. Don't allow a lack of time to slay that hairstyle prevent you from making your meeting on time. Wrap it up! Check our out Royal Wraps for some beautiful fabrics to make your own.

3. Look Forward.

Looking forward is very similar to planning ahead. Be aware of what is coming up so that you can plan accordingly!

4. Work Smarter by Batching Simliar Tasks.

I'll give you a scenario, my sister, who has 3 children, is married and is extremely busy, went to the store with her hubby. My sister had a list of things but remembered something that she would need for her daughter's school project. They we about to check out, and she told her husband, "Oh, I just forgot, I need to get some more glue sticks and markers for Taiye's school project that is due in two weeks. Let me run and grab them before we check out." The hubs said, "Babe, we can come back and get that later. We are already at the checkout. We don't have time to keep shopping."

My sister said, "Babe, I really don't have the time or energy to come back here again. It doesn't make sense for me to drive all the way home and have to make another trip to this same spot, when I can get everything that I need now, and have more time to spend with you and the kids. It'll only take 6 extra minutes, which is better than me sacrificing an hour that I may not have later." The hubs got the point, and they were able to get the supplies and help their kiddo with their school project. The point? If you designated time to run errands, plan your route and your errands so that you can get the most done at once. If you have phone calls to make, or things to do on the computer, keep a list so that when you are on the phone or computer, you take care of those tasks and cross them off at the same time. For me it always feels good to cross things off.

Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic and most places require facemasks, plan on having an extra facemask and facemask cover in the car. Check out our site for facemasks and facemask covers.

5. Stay Focused.

Staying focused helps you to avoid allowing unnecessary distractions to make you detour from your chosen path. It can be difficult to stay focused when you are working at home. Right now, many of us are working, monitoring our kiddos in distance learning, checking in on family members and coworkers and our plates are piled up and overflowing. We can stay focused by prioritizing the most important things and saving the less important things for another time. Avoid wasting time checking social media constantly. If you must check social media for your business, set a time limit and then once the time is done, move on. If you are working at home and it is noisy because EVERYONE is working at home with you, get yourself some headphones with a noise cancelling microphone. It will help you if you must take calls to stay focused. Headphones help me too when I am not on calls. I use them to listen to soothing music, or my favorite is listening to a thunderstorm. Hearing the raindrops, soothes my mind and helps to relax and focus. Whatever you must do, make sure that in your focus is taking care of yourself. This month we are going to be launching a new line for self-care. Sign up to be the first to know about the self care products coming soon to Silhouette Africana.

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